To: Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils

No Babergh and Mid Suffolk council merge without residents having a vote

No Babergh and Mid Suffolk council merge without residents having a vote

To allow residents to vote in a referendum or in a local election (and the Conservatives can put a council merge in their manifesto) to give the District councils a steer on whether to merge the councils or not.

There should be no merge of the councils without a mandate given by the residents.

Why is this important?

In 2011, residents voted against a merge of the councils in a referendum. If the conservatives want to now merge, they must seek a mandate to do so. To go ahead without properly consulting would be a betrayal to local residents.

Whether you think it's a terrible idea or a good one, residents must have a say.

Reasons for signing

  • Residents should be heard and not ignored. It is quite clear that the majority voted NO in the referendum. To ignore this is a cynical move and is undemocratic.
  • We voted some time ago against this and they are trying to sneak it past. The economies of working together in departments is one thing but we never wanted a merger as we will lose more than the 6 District Councillors they are trying to remove now.
  • I believe Babergh is an arrogant and undemocratic council who believe they are superior and more intelligent than the public they represent.The people in Babergh have already voted for no merger and are beginning to think that perhaps Babergh should be abolished and replaced by a body who represent local people and not goverment directions.


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No mandate, no merge!

The decision by Babergh Council’s cabinet members last Friday to merge the council with Mid Suffolk is a betrayal.

The move overturns a 60% majority of residents who voted against a merger when a referendum was held in 2011.

Babergh cabinet members talk about the need to ‘re-educate’ the electorate as if adult voters in their area are ignorant or stupid. It’s a “we know what’s best for you” attitude which betrays an amazing arrogance and sense of superiority. The consultation they now plan is a complete sham given that the decision to merge has already been made. It’s hard to imagine a more out of touch, elitist, undemocratic group. The only interests they want to represent are their own and we deserve better.

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