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To: Glasgow City Council

No Cuts to Glasgow Cleansing

Guarantee long term investment in cleansing (street sweeping and refuse) in Glasgow, starting with permanent contracts for temporary workers currently in Glasgow City Council cleansing.

Why is this important?

Our city has been hit by cut after cut- a fact clearly evidenced by the rubbish on our streets and the state of our closes. Residents of Glasgow deserve safe and clean streets with a well funded and reliable refuse service. Glasgow City Council have told GMB Scotland Trade Union that they have no plans to renew the contracts of over 100 temporary cleansing workers who were added to the service when our city was at the point of crisis last year.

This means that on April 1st, Glasgow will see a 12% cut across the board to street cleansing services.

We hope that, with the public's support, we can save jobs and clean up our city


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This morning the Evening Times covered our campaign. Read here:

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