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To: Bucks CCGs, Oxford CCG, Buckinghamshire County Council, Bucks Healthcare Trust

No further downgrades of Buckinghamshire's Hospitals - including Community Hospitals

We ask you to please:
-Keep our community hospitals and 'step down' wards open
-Halt the continued downgrades/centralisation/outsourcing of Bucks' hospitals & their services
-Speak up about funding constraints and ensure patients/potential patients' needs are put first

Why is this important?

Due to underfunding, Buckinghamshire is ahead when it comes to downgrades to our hospitals. Under STPs (Sustainability and Transformation plans), our cash-strapped local hospitals are set to lose more services and sites could potentially be sold off.

Following the recent closure of Ward 5B at Wycombe hospital for 'frail older' people, more of our community hospitals such as Marlow are at risk of losing beds. At a time when the NHS is desperately short of beds and social care is struggling, this would be unacceptable.

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