To: Councillor Jas Athwal Leader of Redbridge Council

No gravel extraction haul road through Fairlop Waters Country Park

No gravel extraction haul road through Fairlop Waters Country Park

We appeal to the Leader of Redbridge Council to ensure that the haul road from Area E (Aldborough Hatch Farm) is routed through open land and not the Local Nature Reserve in Fairlop Waters Country Park.

Why is this important?

This is an important area for the biodiversity of the Country Park and if it goes ahead will disrupt a long eared owl roost, an area for amphibians (Including great crested newt) and reptiles, and not so common birds on passage such as spotted flycatchers, wheatears, redstarts, winchat etc.

We have just found recent evidence of badgers in the area with one definite sett further up the haul road route and one potential sett on the disputed section of land in the country park. This is an important species to find on Fairlop Plain as up till now was thought to have been totally lost to the area. There is also quite a bit of bat activity along the strip though species are currently unknown as only seen on remote trail cams for badger monitoring.

As well as being disruptive to users of the country parks bridleways and footpaths especially the crossing point from Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre, we expect dust generated from the road surface to also be a health issue. Lorries will potentially be travelling along the road in both directions at up to 3.5 minute intervals.

We believe that this haul road is divisive to the community and cannot be accepted by those that care about the natural environment of Redbridge and the protected species whose habitat would be destroyed forever.

East, London, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Such a beautiful place to walk away from the fumes and noise of traffic
  • Fairlop is one of the few natural places we have locally. We cannot let this happen it will have a devastating effect on the wildlife.
  • It is important to protect our wild life for the future generation.


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