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To: The UK Borders Agency

Dignity and justice for asylum seekers

Dignity and justice for asylum seekers

We support the Dignity for Asylum Seekers march from Bristol to Cardiff, May 29th – 2nd June. We support asylum seekers appeal to the UK public to be treated better and for the injustices they are experiencing to end.

We want...
...a just asylum system where people don't have to wait years for answers or to be disbelieved from the outset
...a just asylum system so that asylum seekers are not forced into destitution and homelessness
...for asylum seekers to have the right to work and pay taxes so that they can contribute to society
...people to stop being punished and imprisoned for seeking safety more deportations end to people dying trying to cross to Europe

Why is this important?

We need to change the unjust laws that are causing us so much suffering.
We are an advantage to the UK, but we have to wait too many years for an answer to our asylum claims.
We are not allowed to work in the meantime and have to survive on £5 a day.
Many of us become ill, physically and mentally.

How it will be delivered

At the end of our march from Bristol to Cardiff, we will visit the UKBA office in Cardiff. We will show them the petition and collect more signatures for it outside.

We will email the finished petition to the Home Office before the European Summit on June 26th.

Many other people are marching across Europe to the summit to protest against the EU's repressive policies, delivering their own message, thousands of people covering thousands of miles to make themselves heard.


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