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To: IPSA: Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

No MP's should be members of secret societies.

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David Banner
No MP's should be members of secret societies.

Nobody should be allowed to hold a public position if the interests of the people of Great Britain are not their primary interest.

Why is this important?

It is important that the people in legal, civil service positions and those managing the country on behalf of the electorate have the people and country's best interests at heart and have no hidden agenda or secret loyalties that may influence their decisions in ways that may not be the best decision for the people and the for the country.

This petition relates to MP's, Judges, Lawyers, Police and Civil Servants in all positions who are members of secret societies, including the Masonic Order, and have sworn an oath or "obligation" to the society putting it before everything and everyone else and swearing an oath to help members of the society in all situations, or face death if they do not.

These societies meet behind closed doors and have secret agendas which mean the member cannot fulfil any roles honestly because they have an overriding loyalty to the secret society before anything else.


Reasons for signing

  • I think these secret societies are evil.
  • Secret societies have their own agenda which is in their interest not Britain's.
  • The people running the country should have the peoples interests as their primary concern, not a load of rich businessmen, police, lawyers, judges and media people who they meet in secret and have pledged to look after first


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