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To: The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

No to Disability/sickness benefit cuts

No to Disability/sickness benefit cuts

Please do not let disabled and sick people bear the brunt of the proposed 12 billion pounds of benefits cuts.

Why is this important?

Life for a person who is disabled whether it be a physical or a mental disability is hard enough already. People never chose to be disabled and it can happen to anyone at anytime.
There are many many more humane ways to save money and a society who does not care for the less fortunate of it's people is doomed, history teaches us that time and time again.
The disabled and sick should have never been demonized in the press, even the disabled peoples doctors are being ignored or seen as in collusion with their patients to"sponge" off of the state, in most cases this is categorically untrue.

Most of us know directly or indirectly someone who suffers from a mental or a physical disability can we as a civilized society stand by and watch the most vulnerable in our society being targeted yet again as an easy attempt to claw back money while the bankers and large corporations get away with it again.

Do we as civilized people condone this behavior as right or just?


Reasons for signing

  • These people don't deserve the added stress this obviously brings to their lives
  • I'm physically disabled
  • This is close to my heart and please support by campaign regarding disability.


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We need many many signatures for this to be effective otherwise we are all in big trouble, as Dame Anne Begg said the Tories have already taken the low fruit that was easy pickings what do you think they will do to us next when the cuts go very very deep. Please share share and share again with everyone. Thank you to everyone

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