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To: Mayor of Tower Hamlets and London Borough of Tower Hamlets

No to New Parking Restrictions for Residents/local Businesses by Tower Hamlets Council

30/01/18 - We Won!

As a result of your support, I am pleased to report that, at least for now, the Council has decided not to proceed with the changes in the zone(s) specified.

This result shows petitions work - not always - but it can make a difference. Together we can aspire for and achieve positive change and a fair society. I will keep an eye on any further development and keep you posted.

No to New Parking Restrictions for Residents/local Businesses by Tower Hamlets Council

We ask the Mayor and the Council to:

1) Immediately stop their flawed and inconsiderate proposal that will have a seriously negative impact on the residents and businesses;

2) consult properly - with more publicity, new consultation document and extended timelines for residents, businesses and local business holders to respond - and with a clear option of ‘keep the parking restrictions as is’;

3) Stop the predetermined decision to introduce such new parking restrictions and potential new charges for residents as it is evident from the options provided in the document; and

4) Take on board the concerns and points raised in this petition.

(Please note that this section must be read in conjunction with the paragraphs under the heading ‘why is this important?’ below.)

Why is this important?

*No to New Parking Restrictions & Cost for Residents and Local Businesses (by Tower Hamlets Council and its Mayor)*

We, the undersigned, oppose and demand a full and proper consultation with residents and stakeholders about the dramatic parking changes proposed by Tower Hamlets Council to bring in parking restriction starting with B2 surrounding areas.

If not challenged, this proposal will mean that residents will lose out in yet another money-making exercise by the Council at a time when the Mayor of Tower Hamlets and his Cabinet have given themselves huge pay increases. The Mayor gave himself 11.7% salary increase while residents had 9% increase in their Council Tax since 2016 as well as rates increases for local businesses. We fear that if not opposed, this money-making proposal will gradually spread across the borough.

*The Council document titled “Proposed Operational Hours” is flawed and inconsiderate because:*

1) it fails to provide residents with a legitimate option to choose ‘keep parking restriction as is’ in the Council’s list of provided options to choose from.
2) being sent during school holidays when many families might be away.
3) will stop families, friends, relatives and others from visiting their loved ones. It will disproportionately affect families with caring responsibilities and those with extended families.
4) increase the cost of scratch cards.
5) will increase the cost and hassle for local businesses in the borough - some of these businesses have been slapped with astonishing rates increases from £600 sqm to £1000 sqm, instead of finding ways to help these businesses, Mayor-run Tower Hamlets Council is forcing extortionate parking times.

*The options - in the council document sent to residents - are:*

• Option 1: Monday - Saturday 7.30am to 10pm and Sunday 11am to 4pm

• Option 2: Monday - Saturday 8.30am to 10pm and Sunday 10am to 10pm

• Option 3: Monday - Sunday 8.30am to 10pm

(Note: there is no option to keep the parking restrictions as is)

Given the huge pace of development, over-built areas, parking and congestion issues in Tower Hamlets, the Mayor and the Council must do everything possible to restrict developers to have in-built underground parking spaces within the development, as well as providing a combination of other sustainable options instead of penalising residents and local businesses at a time when the Council is spending nearly £50m on consultants, IT upgrades, transformation and other unnecessary measures while residents' services are being slashed and huge salary increases are being given to the Mayor and his Cabinet.

Ohid Ahmed | Former Deputy Mayor & local resident
Mrs Lilian Collins | Former Chair of Poplar and Canning Town CLP | Former Chair of Poplar Bath Steering Group
Ms Tuyet Thanh Luong | Executive Member Tower Hamlets CRV
Mustafa Ibrahim | Director of Tower Hamlets Somali Organisations Network

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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Reasons for signing

  • Ridiculous proposal.
  • It benefits no one, but seems to discriminate against everyone. Sunday church goers will be severely restricted, local businesses will have reduced visitors therefore reduced income (especially the restaurants which attract people from outside and other areas of the borough in the evenings). Residents will have difficulties having family and friends over to visit! Why wouldn't you sign this petition?
  • Very important petition


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