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To: Scottish Government



Our Forth is campaigning for
1) <strike>Underground Coal Gasification to be immediately included in the Scottish Government Moratorium on Unconventional Gas Extraction.</strike> This aim was achieved October 8th 2015.
2) This Moratorium to become a complete ban on Unconventional Gas Extraction in Scotland.
3) A 2km buffer zone between any Unconventional Gas developments and communities be set to take immediate effect, irrespective of any decision taken in the future by the Scottish Government.

Why is this important?

ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO. Now they are listening, let's continue to shout!

This petition was part of a campaign by Scottish communities that resulted in the Scottish Government putting a temporary ban on Underground Coal Gasification on October 8th 2015.

This means the first campaign aim above has been achieved, but we are not finished. We need to use your signatures and the power that communities have found to continue to campaign to ensure a complete ban of all forms of Unconventional Gas Extraction in Scotland.

Read on for more information on why you should sign and share this petition!

<b>But isn’t there already a ban?

Unconventional Gas extraction in Scotland is currently covered by two separate temporary bans (moratoriums): a moratorium on Fracking for shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane developments was announced in January 2015 and a moratorium on Underground Coal Gasification developments in October 2015.

These moratorium Are NOT BANS. They are pauses, allowing time for the Scottish Government to conduct studies into Unconventional Gas and to consult with communities. The moratoriums are likely to last until 2017.

Our Forth believe therefore it is imperative that these moratoriums are viewed as a call to action for concerned communities to continue to inform themselves and their neighbours about the potential risks and alternatives to these industries.

<b>Why is a complete ban needed?</b>

Our Forth believe that the science is clear that the Unconventional Gas Extraction, including Fracking for Shale gas, Coal Bed Menthane Extraction and Underground Coal Gasification, cannot be done safely and is unlikey to bring economic benefits in the form of jobs and increased investment.

We believe the more that ordinary people learn and research about these industries and learn of the scale of drilling that will blight their lives, industrialise rural areas, and devalue their homes - the more they will oppose it.

We believe that any perceived benefits will come at a major cost to established Scottish industries (such as the tourism and food and drink industries), our natural environment and people's health. We believe that the main beneficiaries will be multi-millionaires and wealthy landowners, not the Scottish communities that will bear the burden of risk.

We believe that these activities are entirely incompatible with the Scottish Government’s commitment to climate change targets. Our Forth want Scotland to follow the lead of enlightened countries and areas around the world banning these technologies and investing in the jobs and energy security that renewable energy can bring.

<b>Why a 2km Buffer Zone?</b>

In 2013 the Scottish Government introduced a requirement for developers to propose buffer zones between unconventional gas developments and communities. Disappointingly there is no minimum limit specified under Scottish Planning Policy.

Ineos this summer stated that they would be looking at only 400 m Bufferzones between it’s fracking operations and communities!! Our Forth believe that this is not good enough to protect communities, and support Friends of the Earth call for a 2km buffer zone as is the case in New South Wales, Australia since February 2013, immediately and irrespective of the current moratorium.

Our Forth believe that implementing 2km Buffer zones in Scotland would also have the effect of ruling out Unconventional Gas development in our densely populated areas, as it would effectively make it uneconomical for the companies involved.

Watch this beautiful 10 minute video to find out more about our campaign:
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How it will be delivered

We will stage a press conference when we deliver the signatures to the Scottish Parliament

Firth of Forth

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Reasons for signing

  • UCG a is an unproven, dangerous and environmentally toxic technology and would ruin this beautiful place!
  • I signed this because UCG would be an enviromental disaster in the forth
  • Leave it in the ground for our descendants.


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