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To: Blackford Village Hall Committee

Open Blackford Village Hall Car Park

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Charlotte monson
Open Blackford Village Hall Car Park

Open Blackford Village hall car park, enable the community to park their cars while using the childrens play park and collecting children from school.

Why is this important?

Blackford village hall car park has been available to the community for many decades. In that time no accidents have occured, the Blackford village Hall committee, though covered by Public Liability insurance feel having access to the car park, for visitors to the play park and collect children from school is putting children's lives at risk!
Not opening the car park is putting lives at risk, not only are the children unable to play in their community park while awaiting older siblings they are also being shown how narrow minded some communities can be, what is this teaching our children!

Blackford, Wedmore

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Reasons for signing

  • Parents taking their younger children to the park whilst waiting for their older siblings will end up parking at the Sexeys arm which is way more dangerous.
  • Never been an accident after school, I fear for the safety of the children that walk up Wells Way with the traffic that turns & queues, a disaster waiting to happen. Using the hall car park congestion eases at the end of the school day making it safer for those walking or cycling to school. We will not be supporting the hall with any function in the future, due to them not supporting the safety and fun of the future generation. Very narrow minded over a little bit of tarmac!
  • I pick up my grandchildren when I visit from the North East. I have just been told what the village hall have done and I am shocked. How dare you lock the gates to a community car park. We were looking at booking a birthday party later in the year for my grandson. We I’ll go elsewhere in future.


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We are trying to get the signatures up to 100, the petition will then be sent to the Parish Council and press outlets. Please forward on to anyone currently affected and anyone who will be affected in the future, partners, grandparents etc.
Thank you

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