To: Orbit Housing Association

Orbit to stop unfair service charge

Orbit to stop unfair service charge

Orbit Housing Association wish to begin charging their tenants variable service charges to maintain land that Orbit is responsible for the upkeep of. This charge will not be shared by all residents equally it will be charged to Orbit Tenants only even though they have no right over the land and benefit from it no more than any other resident in the area. This charge is wholly unfair to tenants considering all residents gain from areas being kept clean and tidy. Please sign the petition so Orbit can understand the amount of opposition to this unjust proposition.

Why is this important?

Orbit wish to start charging a fee unfairly onto a few residents for an area they have no control over, the fee would only be applied to tenants not other local people who also make use of the space which has been Orbits responsibility for years but they now wish to charge for


Reasons for signing

  • This is a symptom of austerity that unequally penalises those least able to pay.
  • Orbit in the main have a good reception team, their grass cutting team are a cut above. Their Rugby office are a disgrace. I've asked Orbit to do a number of repairs over the last few months, they get signed off as done when the job is not even started, or they just don't do the repairs but pretend the job is done
  • Why should the minority pay for the majority? Also there is a child care business run from one of the private houses where I live and the children play on the areas in question, why am I paying for their benefit??? On the other hand, it is a lot of money for two silage and one hay cut!


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