To: City & County of Swansea Council and Gorseinon Town Council

Our Children Deserve Better Playgrounds in Gorseinon

Our Children Deserve Better Playgrounds in Gorseinon

The Council needs to invest resources now into better playgrounds and equipment for our children in Gorseinon & Kingsbridge. What the children have in the area is tired, outdated and inadequate - They deserve better! We want playgrounds like they have in Gowerton and Penllergaer.

Why is this important?

The playgrounds in Gwalia Crescent, Parc Y Werin and Pontybrenin have all seen better days and are not enough for our area. Playing out in the fresh air is important part of our children's development and makes a big difference to their health and their happiness - nothing can be more important than that.


Reasons for signing

  • Can we add garden village to the list as well?
  • For the children of Gorseinon because they can't speak for themselves.
  • This is so true


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