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To: Ask biscuit & chocolate manufacturers Mcvites, Cadbury & Nestle to stop using palm oil

Palm oil in biscuits and chocolate

End the use of palm oil in biscuits and chocolates. Mcvites, Best-in, Cadbury's, Nestle and many other UK and European biscuit manufacturers are still using palm oil in there biscuits.
Palm oil is produced by clearing rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia and replacing it with oil producing plantations. Significant acreages of the natural habitat of the orangutan have been lost. Both species are endangered; one species in particular, the Sumatran orangutan, has been listed as critically endangered.

Why is this important?

Palm oil production has destroyed vast areas of forest in countries including Indonesia, which is home to orangutans, the Rainforest foundation UK says palm oil companies are now planning to expand into the rainforests of the Congo basin in Africa, home to lowland gorillas and other threatened primates. Palm oil companies are also partly responsible for the recent devastating forest fires in Sumatra, which caused pollution episodes in Malaysia and Singapore.


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