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To: Theresa May - Home Secretary

Parliament: create a system for UK public to house Syrian Refugees

I ask for those who are willing and able, to show the government that we want to help house Syrian refugees in the UK. We need a system, similar to the one set up by German volunteers 'Refugees Welcome', that enables willing volunteers to offer temporary/long term shelter to the most vulnerable of asylum seekers, whilst our Government gets its act together on resettling these families.

Why is this important?

The people fleeing Syria need shelter and refuge. The victims in Syria are dying from war, not starvation. This is not a migration issue. It is a humanitarian issue and with 6.5 million Syrian's displaced, asylum is the key.

How it will be delivered

I hope to deliver these signatures in person to help build a strong case and voice the opinions of those who are willing and able to help.

United Kingdom

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