To: Newark & Sherwood District Council

Part-Time Traffic lights at Main Street, Gunthorpe on A6097

Part-Time Traffic lights at Main Street, Gunthorpe on A6097

We would like the council to erect part-time traffic lights at the junction of Main Street, Gunthorpe with the A6097 to help drivers exit the village at busy times.

Why is this important?

The traffic on A6097 is too heavy during rush hour, and even with a 40mph speed limit, oncoming traffic is travelling too fast to stop and allow vehicles to cross the road to turn right. The lack of traffic lights at this junction creates a dangerous situation for both the vehicle trying to exit the village and any moving vehicles stopping to allow vehicles to join the A6097 towards Lowdham. The school run being the worst time of the day and with queuing traffic behind, drivers are put under pressure to take risks so they can join A6097. In addition to unnecessary danger, the extended time it also takes to exit the village is currently putting new parents off joining the school.

A6097, Gunthorpe

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Reasons for signing

  • cos my girlfriend told me to do so otherwise no book !
  • Due to exceptionally increased traffic along the A6097 due to unintended consequences since the opening of the new A46, traffic lights are needed to hopefully ensure our safety coming out if and into our home.
  • I have seen accidents here. Sadly, at the moment a fatality is just a question of when.


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