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To: Charity Commission

Patient complaint about charity Action for ME (Charity Commission)

For the Charity Commission to look at the concerns listed in the public complaint and investigate on behalf of vulnerable adults and children in the UK.

It is public because of the numer of patients involved (250,000) and many expressed public concerns (it is in the public interest).
(Any errors or incorrect facts will be amended once proven.)

Why is this important?

Action for ME are a charity who support vulnerable adults, and now children since the acquisition of charity AYME.

They are one of or the main charity that influence NHS commissioners throughout the UK, the NHS, the Government, the DWP, and the media.
Most of their work is done in private with little public information.

There are also NICE guideline reviews currently under review 2020 as well as recent Parliamentary Briefings because of the PACE trial errors (research linked to Action for ME).

Reasons for signing

  • Too much talk & not enough 'Action'!!
  • AFME do not represent patients with ME, they help researchers who conduct flawed trials.
  • It is important to all of us that we respect ourselves by not accepting an acronym not respecting us.


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