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To: Ian Duncan Smith

Pay Carers a Minimum of Unemployed Benefits and Define them as Employed

Pay Carers a Minimum of Unemployed Benefits and Define them as Employed

Increase carers allowance to the same level as unemployed people receive and class carers as employed.

Why is this important?

Carers are classed as unemployed yet they get payed less than current unemployed levels. Carers work 24/7 without recognition, Carers at a minimum, need to receive the same amount of Benefits as the unemployed and refine their roles as employed with all rights. Care payments are also taxable so they should be given the same rights as anyone that is working and the same support regardless of their ability to have another Job along with being a care giver. For many caring for someone that has a disability is a 24/7 Job with no holiday pay and no other way of gaining an income.

Being a Carer receiving £61.35 a wk whilst the unemployed receive £72.50. As a Carer on £61.35 wk we have to pay our own eye tests and prescriptions, the unemployed don't!! It costs over £500 wk to look after someone in Care but home Carers receive £61.35 wk. Carers save the economy more than £120billion yr but Carers only receive £61.35 wk. Why don't you allow a Carer some Airtime?

Lets also be very clear on the Carers Allowance, its a deduction of Benefits the person Being Cared for would normally receive, so in real terms I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul( no pun intended) Its a mockery of the system and abuse of situation. Thousands are giving up work to look after a loved one. We also have over 800.000 kids who receive nothing for the caring they provide whilst missing out on growing up as a child should, enjoying a childhood. Again this wont get Airtime unless we take our concerns directly to those responsible. This Government must stop paying lip service to Carers, they are a vital to the Economy.

The SNP have now committed to this.

How it will be delivered

By Hand and through the Media

Reasons for signing

  • Non professional carers like myself need a bigger voice and at the end of the day we are full time workers 24/7 365 day a year but still beening classed as unemployed even when receiving carers allowence. I had to give up my job to look after me misses and my child. Just would like to know what and how to classes ourselves to businesses and other companies that need to know what we are.
  • We are carers ..
  • How a nation Cares, define the nations care. Behave like COPR-oration's you will be treated as CORP-oration's. St Mark 3:24 And if a kingdom is divided against itself($ by monies, and unjust monies at that), it cannot stand.


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Fantastic amount of petitioners signing since we started 2 days ago. Please share with your Facebook Families please, the sooner we raise the our profile the sooner we can get Mainstream Media attention. Thanks

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Am i unemployed
I am a homemaker and a carer. Im deemed as UNEMPLOYED? there are thousands of Carers who are in the same position and cant cope both financially and mentally. its not easy Caring for someone and losing out on things you would otherwise enjoy without firstly making sure the needs of the disabled/infirm person are pre arranged. I don't enjoy the fact we are deemed as shirkers and skivers by those who assume 'I'm on the dole' lazing all day doing nothing to get a Job. I have a job which is unrecognised and only appreciated by the person in need and our Family. So when you hear people berating the Unemployed please consider this, Carers do more for sick/infirm people than Society realises and Carers save this Country thousands of pounds a yr. We only ask to be RECOGNISED and RESPECTED as being Employed because we deserve it. This is fantastic to see so many supporting this petition ive now sent A request to meet the Minister responsible. Thank you all

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