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To: John Swinney MSP

Pay non-teaching staff in line with their duties.

Pay non-teaching staff in line with their duties.

Bring the pay of non-teaching staff across all Scottish schools in line with the importance of their jobs.

Why is this important?

Many teaching staff could not carry out their jobs if it were not for these crucial staff in schools and many, many vulnerable pupils would not get a positive and meaningful experience of education if it were not for Pupil Support Assistants, Classroom Assistants, and Learning Assistants. It is imperative - especially in light of the current campaign for increased teacher pay - that non-teaching staff are also recognised for their enormous contribution to education and the importance of this contribution to both teachers and pupils.


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Reasons for signing

  • Many TAs are highly skilled after a multitude of different training. In is a poor state of affairs when a job Litter picking for the council is paid substantially more than non teaching staff, as is happening in our county of Flintshire.
  • Support staff are vital in classrooms. Their wages are ridiculously low given how much is expected of them.
  • It takes an entire team to run a school and make the learning experience right for pupils. All staff deserve a pay increase worthy of the job we do.


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