To: Bon-Joon Koo LG Electronics, CEO

Pay Rosa Moreno the compensation she deserves

Pay Rosa Moreno the compensation she deserves

Dear Boo-Joon Koo and your team. Mrs Moreno worked really hard, and with a low salary to make flat-screen televisions for us to consume and enjoy. Due to an accident in one of your factories in Mexico, she has to have both her hands amputated. She has 6 children, and so far the only compensation she has had amounts to £15,000. We should not show such contempt for any worker, and she deserves enough money to maintain herself and her children. I ask you to show some compassion and accept that you not only care for your shareholders and consumers, but for your workers too.

Why is this important?

LG, like any other corporation should be aware of the conditions their products are made. They should take responsibility and treat them like humans. They are, like many other, using human lives like cannon fodder for their shareholders. It is time we make them know that we care about how our products are made. A livelihood has been destroyed for the sake of another TV, and LG are not even interested.

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Reasons for signing

  • Treat your workers as you would treat your self. I would have thought that the Company would be covered by insurance for all there employees. So pay her the right amount. Could you work with out hands that were lost in your factory. Do the right thing.
  • LG sell there products in the UK. A factory wouldn't even be able to operate or would be shut down in the UK if H&S (health and safety) standards weren't met!


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