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To: Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

Petition against Junior Doctor contract changes in England

Stop the junior doctor contract changes in the NHS in England.

The new contract imposed upon junior doctors is forcing them to work longer and more unsociable hours, with a slash in their wage of up to 30%.
The new contract also removes barriers to prevent hospitals making their junior staff work overtime for no extra money.
We need to let the government know that this treatment of hard working doctors, and the likely impact this will have on patient care is unacceptable.

Why is this important?

Junior doctors are on the front line of the NHS, working long hours with few breaks, meeting huge demands, and regularly making life changing decisions. From new graduates up to senior registrars, we cover a wide range of roles in patient care and many have over a decade of experience and numerous qualifications. Despite earning a wage that is already lower than many university graduates who spend less time in training and have less responsibility, the government has decided to introduce a new contract from August 2016. This would mean working more hours, expected to exceed 90 hours per week, removal of safeguards that currently prevent hospitals forcing doctors to work extra hours unpaid, and reduction in salary. This will lead to hospitals being run by doctors who are exhausted, demoralised and therefore not safe to look after patients.

The government have chosen the easiest target in the healthcare work force to impose this unfair new contract on, and are depending on their compassion and goodwill to continue working despite making working conditions worse. They are using an empty promise of providing a "7 day NHS" to make people believe healthcare professionals do not provide services at the weekend. If this is allowed to continue the same treatment will be given to senior doctors and eventually other healthcare professionals such as nurses, radiographers, health care assisstants to name a few. Ultimately this will lead to hospitals staffed with employees who are overworked, underpaid and unhappy, or who have to leave their job for one with a wage they can survive on. The effect this will have on patient care is unthinkable. With current demands for emergency services, GP appointments, waiting times for elective surgery etc already at an all time high, this change will inevitably make things worse for staff and patients. Avoidable sickness and death rates are predicted to rise, particularly for those who cannot afford health insurance and medical fees.
This is one of several moves supported by the conservative government, many of whom have stocks in private medical firms, which will culminate in the dstruction of the NHS. This paves the way for them to privatise health care in England. The same people have caused a media blackout, to prevent this hitting the headlines and keeping the public in the dark.

Every single one of us and our loved ones will seek medical help eventually, so we have a responsibility to prevent this from happening. Sign this petition, write to the government with your views, make this problem known as widely as possible. Tell the government their treatment of hardworking junior doctors and the resulting detramental effect on the NHS is unacceptable.
If the worst happens and the junior doctors take industrial action, they need your support and for you to understand it is as much in the publics interests as their own.
Healthcare isn't a privilege for the rich who can afford it, it is a right for everyone in this nation. Earning a wage that reflects your level of training, hours worked and responsibility held is also a right that is about to be revoked for junior doctors. Please sign and help now


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