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To: Brighton & Hove Council

Open a new homeless shelter on Morley Street, Brighton

Open a new homeless shelter on Morley Street, Brighton

Purchase the unoccupied building known as 'PsychoSocial' 1-2 Morley Street BN2 9RA, and open it as a permanent shelter for women and men who are homeless or about to become homeless

Why is this important?

The building will make a big advance towards ending rough sleeping in Brighton & Hove by 2020 and be self-financing with housing benefits and volunteers.

The building at 1-2 Morley Street, known as 'PsychoSocial', is currently unoccupied, meaning it would be easy for the council to purchase. It is also in a great location, as it is close to an excellent health centre, thereby lightening the load on A&E at the hospital.

We've had two major successes so far in improving and increasing the amount of night shelters for Brighton's homeless. First of all in 2017, we won a campaign for Brighton and Hove Council to commit to opening night shelters for rough sleepers. Then we won a campaign for Brighton and Hove Council to have shelters open 365 days a year. These achievements only cam after thousands of us signed a petition. Brighton Centre should be open this November (2018) but by the middle of winter users will have to relocate to other venues. Now, we need a permanent shelter for Brighton's homeless, and Morley Street is the perfect location.

Morley Street, Brighton

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Reasons for signing

  • No one should have to sleep on the streets
  • The homeless are so vulnerable, perhaps more than any other group of people. They must have some help with this shelter, urgently
  • There is too many people in the streets, this leaves without access to hygiene or ways of being healthy or sane of mind! They are humans and the government responsibility for allowing the economy of the country, be an economy full of vulnerable people and inequality in opportunities for the families and young people


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