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To: Brighton & Hove Council

Open a new homeless shelter on Morley Street, Brighton

Purchase the unoccupied building known as 'PsychoSocial' 1-2 Morley Street BN2 9RA, and open it as a permanent shelter for women and men who are homeless or about to become homeless

Why is this important?

The building will make a big advance towards ending rough sleeping in Brighton & Hove by 2020 and be self-financing with housing benefits and volunteers.

The building at 1-2 Morley Street, known as 'PsychoSocial', is currently unoccupied, meaning it would be easy for the council to purchase. It is also in a great location, as it is close to an excellent health centre, thereby lightening the load on A&E at the hospital.

We've had two major successes so far in improving and increasing the amount of night shelters for Brighton's homeless. First of all in 2017, we won a campaign for Brighton and Hove Council to commit to opening night shelters for rough sleepers. Then we won a campaign for Brighton and Hove Council to have shelters open 365 days a year. These achievements only cam after thousands of us signed a petition. Brighton Centre should be open this November (2018) but by the middle of winter users will have to relocate to other venues. Now, we need a permanent shelter for Brighton's homeless, and Morley Street is the perfect location.

Morley Street, Brighton

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