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Piercing law age restriction uk

Piercing law age restriction uk

Parents should not have the right to pierce a childs ears until they are of an age where they understand what a piercing is

Why is this important?

Babies cant talk for themselves, they dont understand whats right from wrong and causing unnecessary harm to a child should be banned. Piercings arent because the baby wants it, its because parents want their babies to look pretty. Its unhygenic and with children touching their ears all the time it causes infection. Why would you cause your child unnecessary pain for something thats aesthetically pleasing to you. Its not necessary. Lawyers have classed piercings as surgical operations as you are having your skin opened up. My daughter had her ears pierced without my consent and had severe infections to the point of the ear being so swollen that it swallowed the backing of the stud and the ear had to be cut to retrieve the backing of the stud. Until kids understand the care and cleaning that a piercing takes, they should not be allowed to be pierced.


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