To: Jonathan Djanogly MP and Cllr Robin Howe

Please help save Huntingdon Shopmobility Scheme

Please help save Huntingdon Shopmobility Scheme

Show their support to Hunts Shopmobility by helping them gain funding to keep this valuable scheme alive.

Why is this important?

Last year Huntingdon's Shopmobility's scheme like many others lost the majority of its funding. Since that time we have survived on reserves, a small grant, membership, fundraising at local events and donations. If we cannot obtain further funding this fantastic service will end at the beginning of 2018.

This service assists everyone with mobility problems either permanent or temporary to hire scooters or wheelchairs enabling them to access the pedestrianised town of Huntingdon and access all it has to offer.

For many of our users the scheme is their only link to the world outside of their homes. We are happy to meet customers from the bus station, book their transport home and make appointments for them. Some need advice whilst others need a little chat and our time. If we haven't seen a customer when expected we will contact to see if they are ok. Most importantly it gives a persons independence back.

Please show us your support by signing this petition. Not everyone who needs a scooter or wheelchair can afford one, get to other schemes or live in a place with accessibility.


Reasons for signing

  • Allows we permanant disabled to get out of our homes to see and meet others, chat, shop, give and receive advice & also Shobmobility - Huntingdon loans much needed scooters & wheelchairs etc to visitors/non permanant disabled locally.
  • This is an absolute must for lots of disabled people please help by signing so we can keep this very worthy service going.
  • This is an essential service for many people. None of us know when we might need it, either temporarily or permanently. It is the only way some people can access the town and must be saved.


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