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To: Lancashire County Council

Poulton Park Restoration

Poulton Park Restoration

Bring our Park back to its former glory and provide proper facilities and community area that is safe and promotes wellbeing in the Poulton area of Morecambe.

Why is this important?

Over the last 7 years the Park has been left to fall into a sorry state . Once used at Christmas for Carol services by the Local church choir and by local town council to deliver community outreach projects. Now we're lucky if it's cleaned once a fortnight and resembles a refuse tip in spite of our efforts to support the local community to keep it clean. The kids play area is rusty and out of date and The Heritage area of the park of Poulton Arch needs lots of work and has become a communal toilet for weeken drunks and gangs of youngsters to vandalise.

No Proper lighting also makes the Park a no go area at night and irresponsible dog walkers pepper the grass and paths with dog poop and other rubbish.
The bins are also broken and seagulls rip open the rubbish bags dropped by fly tippers everyday a lovely site as kids walk to the 3 local schools situated close by.

People don't have to much to begin with round here and now we have one thing less, drug dealers use the Park to do deals and there is little if no social engagement by outreach workers to engage with the local community and provide us support to turn this Park into something we can be proud of.
We have tried several times unsuccessfully to approach local council and other assorted people responsible for The upkeep of the Park and we get passed from pillar to post and little if nothing has changed .
Hopefully this petition will appeal to the community and wider people at large who will get behind us and help raise attention and give us our Park back!


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Reasons for signing

  • I signed this because I used to love that park as a child and now there’s glass everywhere and it boring and all the benchs are old and horrible, I now a days there’s happy mount park and there’s loads to do but poultonnpark there’s nothing to do and there should be a shelter for adults and kids to stand under also in summer it would be great for people to take there kids to the park and they won’t have far to go Xx
  • I signed this petition because I want people to enjoy having fun on the park, bring people together and get more people out.
  • This park deserves better attention.


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