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To: Alec Shelbrooke

Prevent Fracking in Leeds

Prevent Fracking in Leeds

Do not initiate fracking for shale gas in Leeds.

Why is this important?

As social ecologists argue, the exploitation of nature is rooted in the exploitation of humankind. Fracking is again a demonstration of how financial incentives threaten to undermine our long-term existence on this planet.

To pursue this path will mean greater pollution, degradation of the UK countryside (over half a million metres will be sacrifice to fracking wells) and the exacerbation of the already clear hazards presented by climate change. Environmental activists are campaigning and dying in countries such as Honduras to prevent industrial projects that will destroy scared areas of nature. In England it is time that we realise our responsibility as environmental stewards, in Leeds we must unite to challenge companies who are too short-sighted to see what is valuable. Preston New Road has already shown its opposition with 50,000 signatures, can we stand with them?


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