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To: Steve Rowe, Marks and Spencer Chief Executive

Prevent the closure of Marks and Spencer in Clacton On Sea Town Centre.

Prevent the closure of Marks and Spencer in Clacton On Sea Town Centre.

Please prevent the closure of Marks and Spencer on Pier Avenue in Clacton On Sea.

Why is this important?

Marks and Spencer has served the people of Clacton since the 1930's, it is a stalwart of our town.
The store is used by a vast age group of people due to the fact that it is easily accessible by bus, car and on foot.
Closure in line with the opening of the new foodhall in Walton should not be an option.
Marks and Spencer will lose a great number of customers as many will not travel to the Walton store or place orders online, as there will be no collection or return point locally.

Please sign this petition and get the decision of the closure reversed.



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Reasons for signing

  • Let’s not give in with out a fight ..we love our M and S in the town.
  • I shop there regularly for food
  • Where would the elderly do the food shopping. I shop in M&S 2 to 3 times a week & always the elders are there doing their food shopplng. Come on M&S it is time you start to think about the elderly.


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