To: The Lord Aberdare: The Lords both Spiritual & Temporal.

Professional Accountability

Professional Accountability

"We demand that all people’s protection services & their employees be held criminally accountable under law, for any Action or Non-Action, leading to the detriment of an individual’s wellbeing.”

Why is this important?

On behalf of:- Amber Peat: Alice Gross: Daniel Pelka: And the thousands that die each year as a result of failure on the part of one or more of our peoples protection services.
And on behalf of the thousands that will continue to die each year as a result of same. If action is not taken.
We have hear it all:-
No Ones fault.
No One to blame.
Lessons to be learnt.
But nothing ever changes..........!
*Please share with everyone you know.

How it will be delivered

Personal delivery if possible: Otherwise Mail.

United Kingdom


2016-08-07 19:59:09 +0100

Signatures are slow comming: Please conssider this petition carefuly.....!

2015-10-25 11:10:08 +0000

Do you not care at all??