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To: Heritage Lottery Fund

Protect Heritage Lottery Funding for Parks

Keep providing ring-fenced lottery funding for parks

Why is this important?

Our public parks and open spaces are much loved and used with an estimated 2.6 billion visitors each year but they are also suffering from severe cuts to parks services made by local authorities as they seek to balance their books.

To make this worse the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) now want to abandon their hugely successful Parks for People programme that invested millions of peoples lottery money into improving parks and local facilities.

Heritage Lottery Fund are currently consulting on this change in funding so help us to convince them to rethink and keep this precious funding so our parks can be protected and continue to be enjoyed by everyone. We'll be handing in the petition to the consultation before it closes on March 22nd. The link to the Heritage Lottery Fund consultation is:

Reasons for signing

  • Green areas improve quality of life for all of us. It is a proven fact that harsh urbanised areas with no green have higher crime rates and resident suffer from poor mental health. We need more green areas not less.
  • Parks are spaces for community, for relaxing, for breathing - we are all poorer if we don’t have them.
  • Parks are the most democratic part of our heritage- it’s vitally important people have access to green space.


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