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Protect Lodgers Deposits across the country

Protect Lodgers Deposits across the country

Make it compulsory for all landlords renting rooms as license agreements to lodgers taking deposits to protect them in a similar government deposit protection scheme.

Why is this important?

There is a major problem in the housing and property market whereby landlords whom want to make extra money renting individual rooms are providing no agreements and are taking sizable deposits from lodgers offering no protection as there is no policy or law that says they should do, 1.7 million homeowners rented rooms to lodgers in 2016 according to Santander Mortgages Survey. This matters because alot of professionals including our emergency services sector are renting in this way and by not regulating this area means hundreds of thousands of pounds are not returned with no consequences.

I have a family member that decided to use a lodging platform for listings to find a room in London, she paid £1200 as a deposit, whilst living in the property the landlord began to infringe on her personal space and belongings and so she decided to give notice to leave, when she asked for the return of her deposit the landlord refused saying she missed payments and the room wasn't in the same condition he rented it to her in, she was devastated as there seemed to be nothing she could do but taking it to a claims court, she decided to walk away. I have heard thousands of stories just like this

I want a Lodger Deposit Guard to be backed by the Department of communities and local government and rolled out as a mandatory action when renting a room going hand in hand with background checking to stop unregulated renting.

Reasons for signing

  • I have experiences with la couple of landlords/landlady who are extortionists and resort to bullying and harassment when faced by complaints regarding lodging agreements.
  • I have just filed a court case against my previous landlord who kept delaying the return of the deposit and when I eventually warned him about the legal consequences, he suddenly decided to 'punish me' by adding Council Tax and water bills (which were included in the rent!), and eventually returned only part of my deposit.
  • I have had money wrongly stolen from me by my landlord because he doesn't have to secure my deposit - i am financially and personally hurt that someone would do this to me - considering he is an MP. he shouldn't be allowed to get away with this!


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