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To: Birmingham City Council

Protect our children from dirty air in Birmingham

Protect our children from dirty air in Birmingham

Please take urgent action to reduce illegal and harmful levels of air pollution by introducing a Clean Air Zone that reduces the number of the oldest and most polluting vehicles entering towns and cities. This needs to be achieved in the shortest possible time to protect babies and children from breathing dirty air.

In addition to introducing a Clean Air Zone, please work with central government to support people and businesses to switch to cleaner forms of transport, by investing in public transport, promoting cycling and walking, incentivising the uptake of ultra-low emission cars and vans and improving electric charging infrastructure across the city.

Why is this important?

As a parent, I am extremely concerned about the impact of dirty air on Birmingham children, including my own two sons. I urge everyone who cares about their children's health to sign my petition.

Air pollution is a public health crisis, with illegal and harmful levels of air pollution across the UK. We need national and local government to act to clean up our air and make our towns and cities a healthier place to live for everyone but especially for babies and children.

Air pollution affects us all, from when we are in the womb through to old age. It is linked to premature births and can stunt lung growth in children. Air pollution can trigger heart attacks and strokes, worsens asthma attacks and causes lung cancer. Babies, children and older people are more vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution.

We need the Council, with the support of national government, to take urgent action to clean up our air to protect the health of children and babies.


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Reasons for signing

  • You can almost chew the air at rush hour. Disgusting. What are we doing?
  • My son and daughter both developed asthma and both attended a primary school on a busy Birmingham road where concerns have since been raised about its impact on the pupils there.
  • I'm a mother of 4. This is cause of my concern


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