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To: Bristol Mental Health Services

Protect our Crisis Line in Bristol!

This campaign has been paused as we are now negotiating with Bristol Mental Health / Bristol CCG.

Stop the closure of our Crisis Line in Bristol.

Ensure that any "redesign" of the service is in the best interests of those that access mental health services.

Provide better information about the support available to people that may need to engage with mental health services.

Why is this important?

Help us protect our Crisis Line in Bristol!

Earlier this month, Bristol Mental Health (BMH) announced the proposed closure of the crisis line from the end of November 2016.

Some concerned users of the crisis line have expressed anxiety over the potential changes, sharing that they worry they would "lose a valuable service" that has helped them 'throughout the last eighteen months or so', approximately how long the line has been operational.

With at least one in four people experiencing a mental health issue in their lifetime, now is the time for increased and clear mental health support that is easily accessible for all.

We feel that there needs to be more improved signposting, with clear and easily accessible information available for people wanting to use mental health services and seek support.

We want to ensure that any changes to the crisis line are in the best interests of those currently accessing services, and those that may access Bristol’s mental health services in the the future.

We will be meeting with BMH and Bristol CCG on 9th September to discuss the crisis line further, and will also announce a date for an open meeting to get wider views in the near future.

In the meantime, please join us in ensuring proper scrutiny of the future of our Crisis Line and spread the word of this vital campaign by signing and sharing this petition to show you are with us when we meet with them.

If you want to get in touch about this campaign, or share your experience of using the Crisis Line, then please drop BIMHN Secretary, Tom, an email at: [email protected]


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