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To: Somerset County Council

Protect Somerset's Learning Disabilities Service

We, the undersigned, petition Somerset County Council to give LD Services the funding that it needs to ensure sustainable care for people with a learning disability in Somerset.

Why is this important?

***5000 signatures forces the Council to discuss the issue at a Council Meeting. Please only sign this petition if you live, work or use LD services in Somerset***

The transfer of Somerset’s Learning Disability Service from Somerset County Council to Discovery was promised as a means of ensuring sustainable care for people with a learning disability, with ‘no savings targets’.

It is now clear, however, that to make the £4m saving predicted Discovery plan to make staff redundant, reduce the terms and conditions of those left, and possibly close day centres.

By starving funding for adult social care Somerset County Council have handed Discovery the task of implementing cuts that will hit the care provided to vulnerable people. Cuts will lower morale, risk high staff turnover, and leave staff vacancies unfilled.

Service users and their families were promised a sustainable service focused on the continuity of care delivered by experienced, knowledgeable and familiar staff. The cuts proposed will be highly detrimental to the delivery of personalised quality care.

We are therefore calling on Somerset County Council to give LD Services the funding that it needs to ensure continued high quality care for vulnerable adults in Somerset. If the current cuts are progressed this will not be achieved.


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Reasons for signing

  • it goes on and on and on same story day in day out some of six acres don't have the same amount of sessions they used to have only a few lucky ones get to go out, tell the tories to leave and stop dismantling this service poor sam p
  • [email protected]
  • They are already looking at cuts to terms and conditions and salaries.


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