To: Uttlesford District Council

Protect Thaxted's wild spaces

Protect Thaxted's wild spaces

Please can you grant 'Chalky Meadows' the status of being an 'asset of community value'.

Why is this important?

By making Chalky Meadow an asset of community value we will be in a very strong position to protect the site and help it thrive. We would like this meadow to be looked after by the community for the community. Chalky Meadow has become one of the last pockets of wild nature in Thaxted; we would like to keep it this way, we would like Thaxted to be proud to protect its wildlife for future generations to come.


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Reasons for signing

  • Meadows of all sorts are vanishing fast.They have taken hundreds of years to establish,and they cannot be replaced ,we need to protect for future generations to enjoy.
  • Chalky Meadows looks ideal - for developers - but to keep the quality of human life and the environment we need to protect this area.
  • Meadows are a fast disappearing feature of the English countryside. They are home to many rare and very rare plants and wildlife, and as such they are probably more important now than at any time. With so much pressure to build on green field sites, rather than brown field sites, it is essential that Meadows everywhere should be granted protected status by the Government. So , the more people that sign up the better.


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