To: The Leader of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council; Andy Street - WMCA Mayor; Sajid Javid MP - Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

Protect the existing Green Belt within Dudley Metropolitan Borough

Protect the existing Green Belt within Dudley Metropolitan Borough

We ask that you protect the existing Green Belt within Dudley Borough, in the West Midlands, which is under threat from a massive housing and industrial building programme, being proposed by the planners. We wish for the Council Leader, and the Cabinet of Dudley Council, to prevent the planners from appointing contractors to identify Green Belt sites for thousands of houses and large industrial estates in this beautiful countryside. We also call upon Andy Street to fulfil his promise to protect Green Belt, made prior to his election as Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority. We additionally request the support of Sajid Javid, MP for Bromsgrove, and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, in the protection of this countryside. The setting and enjoyment of some of the finest countryside in North Worcestershire (including the Clent Hills), lying within Mr Javid's Constituency, would be spoilt by inappropriate development.

Why is this important?

1) To protect Green Belt Countryside, on the urban fringe, and Green Wedges that form wildlife and open space corridors into the urban areas.
2) To protect a valuable recreational resource that Dudley Council have hitherto promoted for public pleasure; its landscape, historic, nature conservation and cultural values.
3) To protect the individuality and distinctive character of the areas and communities
4) To further the strategy of urban regeneration by focussing attention upon renewal of derelict and previously developed brownfield sites.
5) Dudley Borough has sufficient land within the urban area to satisfy its housing and industrial requirements to the year 2036 and beyond.
6) The Green Wedges satisfy the function of preventing the coalescence of former Towns within the Borough.
7) Exceptional circumstances do not exist to warrant the release of Green Belt land for built development.
8) The inappropriate release of Green Belt land would damage the confidence of the public in respect of the designation of Green Belt.

How it will be delivered

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Dudley Metropolitan Borough and North Worcestershire

Reasons for signing

  • It would also have a major impact on the restoration of the Lapal Canal (Dudley No.2) which previous governments have said they would not let happen
  • There is so much empty office space ie Cavendish House and into flats standing empty in the many 4/5 bedroom executive residences . Many more homes could be 2/3 bedroom semis and town houses. Carolyn
  • As child this was an area of great value to families and now to my children and grand children. Please preserve this land for the future and don't let the fat cats who have no feeling for the locality or it's people. Money should never preclude the health of the area.


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