To: People in Sefton Area

Protection of the Environment against Irresponsible Dog Owners

Protection of the Environment against Irresponsible Dog Owners

Keep all dogs on leads and under control in public areas
Clean up completely after their dogs
All pet owners must be licenced and irresponsible dog owners should be fined for any offence caused by their dog. Continuous irresponsiblity should result in the animal being taken away.

Why is this important?

A Dog is not a God!
Dogs allowed off the lead do enjoy their freedom but in public areas a dog's freedom prevents that of others - dogs chase the wild life in the area causing distress to new born, they run round blindly after other dogs creating a hazard to the general public - in particular the disabled, and are a genuine hazard for people engaged in professional work with expensive equipment. Loose dogs are a hazard where vehicles are parking and reversing. Untrained dogs jump up at people, frightening the elderly and young children - dogs by nature, have an unpredictable reaction to human behaviour as has been shown in many tragic reports.
Dog owners have a responsibility not only to the general public - but to the animal that they have chosen to own. By allowing their pets to be off a lead, leaves the animal open to attack by more aggressive animals at too great a distance for the owner to intervene. Dogs that run away from the owners, places them at risk of accidents and kidnap, when they cannot be seen. Several off the lead dogs have gone missing in the area and have never been found.

Dog owners escape accountability. They are seldom brought to account for a dog defecating in public areas. Never in the cases for carelessly discarded pick up bags, for a dog that harms or kills wildlife, for damage to property, clothing or expensive equipment.
The dog owner should be brought to account and take full responsibility for their animal. The general public and owner's dogs demand it!

Licencing dog owners will do several things:
Protect the welfare of all wildlife as well as the welfare of dogs
Hold pet owners accountable and responsible for their pets
Increase revenue to improve parks and green spaces for the local area
Possibly include low cost veterinarian insurance for animals
Fines and penalties for those owners who allow their dog to foul public spaces or who fail to supervise their animals when in public , who allow the dog to become a nuisance or threat to the health, safety and well being of the public in general.

How it will be delivered

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  • Most dog owners are conceited idiots.