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To: The Bank of England

Don’t use palm oil in banknotes

Don’t use palm oil in banknotes

Don’t use palm oil in any new banknotes. Please use coconut oil, or any other more sustainable oil in producing your banknotes.

Why is this important?

The Bank of England is weighing up whether to use palm oil or coconut oil in their new banknotes.

Palm oil plantations are currently a leading cause of rainforest destruction, destroying the homes of endangered Orangutans who are treated like pests and killed to aid the palm oil industry.

The Bank of England faces a simple decision, to use destructive palm oil, or opt for a more sustainable alternative such as coconut oil. This decision could have a ripple effect in other countries too as they follow suit and produce new types of bank notes.

Reasons for signing

  • Do it for the orangutans
  • The Bank of England has a duty to present and future generations of life to do all in its power to use sustainably produced materials.
  • As a nation we should not be contributing to the destruction of forests which are vital wildlife habitats.


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