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To: Bellway/ Kirklees council

Public footpath around balderstone hall field

Public footpath around balderstone hall field

Too make a public footpath all the way around balderstone hall fields mirfield. As people have been using this path to walking their dogs, and children to school for over 40 years. After 7 years of a path getting walked on regularly by many people it can become a public footpath. I would like people to sign this petition and say how long you have walked around this field please

Why is this important?

Too stop bellway building houses. Putting more pressure on our local services, and roads. Keeping our children safe and some where to play. To keep our fields green, keeping our open space for our younger generations. People need a place to walk our dogs and socialise. KEEP OUR FIELDS GREEN

Mirfield, West Yorkshire

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2018-08-10 11:28:56 +0100

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