Public inquiry into the implications of GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme

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Public inquiry into the implications of GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme
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This petition demands a debate in Parliament to examine the implications of GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme, for the government and GCHQ's legal advice on this programme to be reviewed, and for a full public consultation and possible inquiry on the implications of this programme and impact on the individuals' human rights and right to privacy under both UK and EU law.

Why is this important?

Given the recent revelations about GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme UK citizens are facing the greatest threat to their civil liberties in this country's history. Indiscriminate surveillance is being collected on the populace on a massive scale with no public mandate or accountabilty. This is being allowed through a legal loophole which would have been legitimised with the Snooper's Charter. If this kind of system is allowed to exist at all at the very least it should have a mandate from both the public and parliament - with external accountability and auditing. No publicly accountable body currently exists to audit this programme.

This is a grassroots campaign started by one guy (me) not an organisation! If you're interested in getting involved please contact the e-mail listed further down.

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Reasons for signing

  • Justin P. 2014-04-12 09:05:07 -0400
    Because surveillance is a necessary process, but it should be targeted appropriately based on evidence, not wholesale and indiscriminate.
  • Steven W. 2014-03-19 19:22:19 -0400
    Freedom is indivisible. This is the Speak Softly bit but we should not refrain from the Big Stick.
  • Tiffany G. 2014-01-17 06:50:36 -0500
    privacy is paramount


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