To: Sarah Newton MP

Put a domestic abuse/violence lead in every workplace in the UK

Put  a domestic abuse/violence lead in every workplace in the UK

As the under secretary for state for Crime/Safeguarding & vulnerability I am calling upon you to hear our voices and help us to make it a statutory requirement for employers to have a member of staff trained to assist anyone whose life is affected by abuse of any sort.

Why is this important?

Figures in 2011 showed that here in the UK £1.8bn is lost in economic output, since then grants have been cut, refuges have been closed and Domestic Violence has increased.
People suffer in silence because they are so ashamed of their situations, those lucky enough to have a job are often too scared to disclose because they fear losing something that is possibly the only constant thing in their lives.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed as my domestic violence was actual emotional abuse within my working environment and from Leadership. They have actually caused me more health issues than you can imagine & I would like to point out that my role covered child protection & multi agency work and we were very up to date on domestic violence/abuse!! It is shocking how far it stretches....
  • There should be help, support and understanding for employees who are suffering domestic abuse - there may be implications for other employees in the workplace as for example,perpetrators may attempt to intimidate their partner whilst they are at work. There needs to be an open and honest discussion so that victims can be helped in the workplace . Employees require understanding and it should be part of employee induction to discuss domestic abuse and the impact it has on those in the workplace.
  • I'm a survivor of domestic abuse and more awareness needs to be raised.


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