To: Halton Council

Reduce risk for cyclists at Murdishaw A533 roundabout.

Reduce risk for cyclists at Murdishaw A533 roundabout.

Reduce the risk of cyclists being hit by vehicles at the A533 roundabout near Murdishaw, Runcorn.
Simple preventative actions like those suggested below will help reduce the risk.
1) Display a 'Beware of cyclist' warning sign.
2) Move the 30mph speed limit signs further up the expressway.

Why is this important?

I have personally been knocked off my bike on this roundabout. I feel lucky to be alive. The police could not find the person who did this and the council say they are not willing to put any control measures in place. (because the layout is due to change in 2 years)
More recently a good friend got knocked off her bike at the same location. We have since found out several other cyclists have fell victim to hit and run drivers at this same spot. Soon enough a life will be taken.
I feel my suggested control measures are easily done. Personally I would like cameras to be added and speed bumps however I want to be realistic.
Halton try to promote cycling which is really good for our environment however I feel in this case they have not done enough to put some preventative measures in place.


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Reasons for signing

  • Several riders have already been knocked off bikes in "Hit & Run" accidents. What price do HBC Highways put on a life ?
  • We need to make this area safer for cyclists.
  • Safety of cyclists


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