To: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Refuse Royal Assent to the Investigatory Powers Bill

Refuse Royal Assent to the Investigatory Powers Bill

Refuse Royal Assent (if at all possible, in person) to Parliament's Investigatory Powers Bill.

Why is this important?

The most important liberty of all is privacy, a right to operate in silence and in peace. Assuming no one is being harmed and everyone is innocent until proven guilty; I'd rank it above the freedom to speak.

I wish to admit, but avoid, my republican nature in my argument and I think I can. I wish to remain polite and not be too crude. Unfortunately life is very much crude, and events are rarely polite.

I cannot help but notice the masses around me suffering poverty under the guise of austerity. The sheer amount of charities that have sprung up, to cope with public services' duties. I feel this creates an air of "Us First", pitting poor against poor. Whilst those who are supposed to serve this kingdom do so well. This is aimed at our politicians and not a republican's slip.

You have a chance to break with tradition and remind the world that "how we've always done it" is a terrible argument for a society that wishes to progress. As I'm sure you are well aware, Royal Assent has not been given in person since 1854 and has not been refused since 1707. I believe that breaking both of these records on the same day would send an important message through the ranks who support this bill, as well as to the people who oppose it.

I fear that if you do not, Eric Arthur Blair may become the greatest prophet this country ever created. This comes from someone who hates clich├ęd tropes.


2016-11-29 06:32:22 +0000

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