To: Minister for transport

Register "legal owner" and "registered keeper" on V5C log book

Change the V5C log book to show the "legal owner" and the "registered keeper" to protect buyers of second hand vehicles and ensure vehicles given as "gifts" cannot be taken back by the person who bought it.

Why is this important?

When you buy a second hand vehicle you have no way of knowing whether the "registered keeper" is legally entitled to sell the vehicle. If you buy it and the "legal owner" disputes the sale you would have to give it back to the legal owner and lose your money paid.
This would also stop the taking back of vehicles bought as "gifts" by the legal owner and given to the registered keeper.
This has happened to my son, his dad bought him a car, and registered my son as the "registered keeper".
They then fell out and the dad transferred the car into his own name as the "registered keeper", claiming that he was the "legal owner", then sold the car.
Unbelievably, the dvla say this is allowed. The V5C document requesting the transfer was not signed by my son (the registered keeper) even though the document states that the registered keeper "must" sign. Apparently, the V5C wasn't signed at all!
This isn't "fair" so by changing the V5C, prospective buyers and registered keepers will know where they stand as far as "ownership" is concerned.

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