To: Department of Health

Reinstate the Mental Health Unit in Medway

Reinstate the Mental Health Unit in Medway

We call on The Deptartment of Health to reinstate a fit for purpose Mental Health Unit in Medway

Why is this important?

The Mental Health Unit at Medway Maritime Hospital was closed in 2013 by Jeremy Hunt, this was short-sighted and a mistake.

A third of all police time is taken up having to look after mental health patients, time that could be better spent tackling crime.

Since the closure, KMPT (Kent and Medway's health and social care trust) has spent more than £5.6 million on out of area referrals due to a shortage of beds for patients.


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Reasons for signing

  • We have run street stalls promoting this campaign in Gillingham and Rochester, this resulted in over 300 paper signatures. Our own website has collected over 50 signatures. The closest place of referral is Dartford, we believe this is too far away to serve the local population of 270,000 people. Mental Health issues affect 1 in 4 adults, Medway should have it's own service provision.