To: The Rt Hon Damian Green MP

Removal of the Bedroom Tax from the 2017 Conservative Manifesto

Removal of the Bedroom Tax from the 2017 Conservative Manifesto

The Bedroom Tax is a divisive policy that has been unsuccessful since it began in 2013. Therefore, we feel that it is time for this discriminatory policy to be abolished in favour of a fairer housing policy - one which is fairer on the poorest in society.

Why is this important?

Since the introduction of the Bedroom Tax, affected tenants have been forced to make a series of cutbacks in order to survive on a lower income. The Department for Work and Pensions estimated that 75% had to cut back on their expenditure on food, 46% reduced the amount they spent on heating and 33% spent less on travel. These are cutbacks that are not necessary - the harshness of the Bedroom Tax is the reason for such measures.

14-25% reduction in housing benefit is a large chunk of income to lose, especially when this money is essential to pay bills. Those losing housing benefit struggle to increase income levels after the tax; 50% of affected tenants wished to do this, by either finding employment or increasing their hours at their current employment, yet found difficulty in being able to do this.

Reasons for signing

  • Finding a one bedroom place is six times as difficult as a two/three bed place & the tent is the same. I cannot have stairs therefore I am limited to a bungalow. These idiots have absolutely no idea how difficult it is.
  • People cant afford to pay it,children i read and here all the time are going to bed hungary at night,disgusting this day and age
  • This is a cruel and unfair tax on people, which deprives us of food and heating.


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