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Removal of the Tampon Tax in the UK

Removal of the Tampon Tax in the UK

To put an end to the selling of tampons, and for them to be handed out for free in places that give out free condoms, such as sexual health drop in clinics. These places help to increase people's overall health and prevent them from gaining infections. This is extremely important for women as they deserve to be given the items they require to function naturally without having to pay for them when they need them as a necessity and not a 'luxury item'.

Why is this important?

This is important to millions of citizens in the United Kingdom as tampons are an essential and necessary item for women of all ages. It is not a 'luxury item' that can only be bought by people with the money to spare for them as tampons have been called on numerous occasions. They are essential to the natural process and function of a woman during puberty and later on in life that helps boost their confidence and prevents them from feeling anxious about needing to go buy tampons. Condoms are handed out for free to people to protect them and keep their healthcare in check, so why aren't tampons handed out for free to boost the health of millions of women?

Reasons for signing

  • VAT should not be payable on dressings. When are we going to stop paying VAT, which was introduced by the EEC and will no longer apply when we leave the EU? These matters need to be addressed.


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