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To: Bristol City Council

Remove the Edward Colston Statue from Bristol City Centre

Remove the Edward Colston Statue from Bristol City Centre.

Why is this important?

Edward Colston was a Bristol-born English slave trader, merchant and Member of Parliament. Much of his wealth was acquired through the trade and exploitation of slaves.

Yet we celebrate and commemorate him with a statue in our beloved city centre. He has no place there.

Following the events in Charlottesville and the announcement that the Colston Hall will be renamed, it seems appropriate that his statue also be removed.

Whilst history shouldn't be forgotten, these people who benefited from the enslavement of individuals do not deserve the honour of a statue. This should be reserved for those who bring about positive change and who fight for peace, equality and social unity.

We hereby encourage Bristol city council to remove the Edward Colston Statue. He does not represent our diverse and multicultural city.

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