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To: North Lanarkshire Council

Remove toxic dump in cumbernauld

Remove toxic dump in cumbernauld

Find a new site for Dows dump away from businesses and residential area who are being plagued by flies.

Why is this important?

This is a public health issue which is also affecting businesses in the area.

Cumbernauld, Glasgow

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Reasons for signing

  • place a massive health hazard &eyesore to all.The smell is sickening, can't sit in garden. masses of gull droppings. Awakened early hours with gulls/chicks on roof of house. lots flies in house.On email SEPA said the gulls are here because of our grey flat roofed houses making gulls think this is cliffs, really!! Place needs to be miles from homes. Health being effected by lots dust & other fumes from the mountain of waste that is supposedly meant to reach ground level, never
  • I'm sick to death of the noise and air pollution caused by this plant. Also, being plagued constantly by gulls and flies - both of which are causing increasing misery to homes and businesses in our local area. I'm also tired of hearing North Lanarkshire Council saying things like "It's not our fault" or "It's the residents responsibility to deal with the problem". INFURIATING!!!
  • Every home iv been in is plagued by flys and it’s really revolting and seriously the seagulls are the worst and there’s no sea!


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We are up to 650 signatures. Please keep sharing folks!!!!

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2018-08-07 20:29:54 +0100

262 signatures so far folks keep sharing this dump has to be moved!!!!

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