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To: All Parliamentary Candidates standing for the Broxtowe Constituency.

Why has Broxtowe got the biggest cuts in the country?

Why has Broxtowe got the biggest cuts in the country?

In December 2014, Broxtowe received the worst local government settlement in the UK. This unfair decision puts local front-line services at risk.

We call on all Parliamentary candidates to pledge that should they become the Member of Parliament for Broxtowe in May, they will fight for a renegotiation of this terrible settlement.

Why is this important?

Broxtowe is undergoing great change with centrally-imposed infrastructure projects radically altering the area. The impact of this centrally-imposed, swingeing cut on the local council budget will destroy all hope of mitigating against such changes. Front-line services will be under threat, with the impact being felt by all residents; with the most vulnerable being hit hardest.

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How it will be delivered

We will present the petition to the MP for Broxtowe after the General Election on May 7th.


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