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To: Lambeth Council

Rent arrears is not 'intentional homelessness'

Rent arrears is not 'intentional homelessness'

Lambeth council should not evict tenants who get into rent arrears because of unpaid benefits.
If tenants are evicted by a private landlord for rent arrears caused by unpaid benefits, Lambeth council should not classify them as 'intentionally homeless' or refuse to rehouse them.

Why is this important?

Many people on part-time or zero-hours contracts have ongoing problems getting paid their full entitlement of housing benefit and end up in rent arrears.

This is what happened to Clavia Chambers who was evicted by Lambeth Council last month with her two young children and is still fighting to have this decision overturned ( )

All unemployed, disabled and low paid workers are currently being moved onto Universal Credit. The chronic delays, cuts, and mismanagement of claims in this new system is going to make this situation even worse.

There has been an explosive rise in rent arrears among universal credit claimants. There is a real danger of spiralling numbers of evictions and more social cleansing in Lambeth because the council currently classifies people evicted for rent arrears as 'intentionally homeless' and refuses to rehouse them.

Lambeth council should not be evicting people who fall foul of the brutal and complicated benefits system. They should be supporting tenants to appeal unjust benefit decisions and they should use their powers to make discretionary housing benefit payments to prevent people in private rented homes becoming homeless too.

London Borough of Lambeth

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Reasons for signing

  • It’s shouldn’t happen and the government should do something to help all together in the uk
  • I'm also getting evicted, as i can't afford to pay my rent. I'm not work and my benefits have been stopped. I've got my indefinite leave to remain in the UK but I need to get a bio matrix card which cost £308 and could still take up to six months to receive it. Now till I can get it I can't get any work or benefits. I got my daughter who I see every weeked as the relationship with her mum had broken down. I don't have any family who I can turn too. My daughter is the only 1 who I got.
  • Absolutely disgraceful to class it as that


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Please support a lobby of Lambeth Council meeting at 6.30pm on Wednesday 24th of January at Lambeth Town Hall on Acre Lane in Brixton.

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