To: Reopen Base mx

Reopen Base mx

Reopen Base mx

Reopen Base mx so young kids, adults can ride on the track instead of riding on fields, roads and traveling hours just so the can go on they bikes with they kids give this area a place to ride as most people have to travel 1hour plus to get to a track keeps the kids off the streets keeps kids out of trouble

Why is this important?

Keeps the kids off the streets and out of trouble and keeps them happy and have a public track round the area

Ellesmere Port

Reasons for signing

  • The whole UK needs more tracks for all to use and benefit from!
  • Need more places like this for riders to go.
  • I used to marshal for graham here. The benefit to the kids was immeasurable. The way the closing of base was administrated by the council was underhand at best. All so they could sell the land to a company that went under within months of shafting us and base was never actually touched. Guess someone at the council actually wanted bikes to be on the roads, parks and local feilds causing a nuisance amd endangering other users.


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